Friday, August 21, 2009

drop dead gorgeous.

so i havent blogged in HELLA long. story of my life. well since my last blog i talked about two things i really wanted to happen. they both did!(: life has been running smoothly since then. hmm, school starts in two weeks im nervous! freshman year, ugggggh. i made the jv team for volleyball, which is kinda exciting me for school though. i've been so tired lately, volleyball camps and tryouts are every day. i just want to see my friends again. when i get the chance i'll post pictures from hawaii!


Monday, July 20, 2009

What could've been, what SHOULD'VE been but didn't happen.

"For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, It might have been."

well i'm back from auburn. so sad. i made two new friends who i reallly love alot! they've become my "half-sister" & "pseudo cousin" i miss them & my family very very VERY much. i just want to go back and relax. thats all i can really think about. i've been unstable these past few days ever since i got home. i hope i get better reallly soon.

two things i REALLLY REALLY want to happen this summer:

1. Going back up to Auburn to see my fam
2. Getting a new phone cause my stuff is BROKEN to the maxxxxxxx.

alright, ill blog later in the week.

au revoir,

Thursday, July 9, 2009

here we go again.

SUMMMMMMMA TIME! well here is an easy breakdown of how my summer has been, is, and will be:

week one: OUT 24/7
week two: start of forensics camp
week three: forensics camp

week four: forensics camp

week five: auntie lynns house
week six: nike volleyball camp
week seven: last week of forensics
week eight: HAWAII!
week nine: volleyball camp
week ten: tryouts

& then CHILL.

well todays the 9th. i have two volleyball games tonight, FUN FUN FUN. im so excited to go to my auntie lynns. its time i got away. no phone reception and no computer time for awhile but its all good cause ill be having way too much fun haha.

i have a performance coming up on sunday for a party and im nervous! i should get to practicing the songs im supposed to play. i really wanna go hit the beach. like soooooon! i wish summer wasnt going by so fast. and i wish i had more time for friends. but oh well, thats just the way the cookie crumbles. for now,

au revoir,

Saturday, June 6, 2009

back from never ending homework and countless projects

haven't updated in VERY long. sorrry about that. well my birthday was exactly one week ago. i got a beautiful guitar! i still dont have a name for her tho. taking some time. well this week has beeeen really weird. we dont have to dress for PE anymore which really means the year is almost over. we got our wearbooks too. NOT HAPPY BOUT THEM AT ALL. they suck ass. but friday was ridiculously bomb! our 8th grade class went to raging waters, HELLLLLLLLLA FRICKIN FUN. had a gooooood day with my girls and my guys. even got a little tanning in with bryant! haha. i now have a tiny tanline! im getting thereeee. well only 4 more days until promotion. definitely not gonna let anything get me down now. its my time.

p.s. i hellllla fuckin hate biters. like daaaamn.

k i'm done now. haha.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Winter, spring, summer, or fall. All you have to do is call.

wow i haven't blogged in over a month! geeeeez. craziness. well actually its mostly just laziness. but anyway, its the month of may! my bday month! yaaaaay! ive been feeeling so under the weather this month tho:/ its not even coooool. i am so excited for summmmer! its almost here. hmm well my weekend has beeen pretty goood tho. parties every night since friday. dang. im tired from it all. ive been out til midnight and its gettin to me. i slept for a long time today and im still in my pajamas. i kinda feeel like taking a nap right now. UGH but its soooo sooooo HOT. im burning up right now! its ridiculous. okay well back to my weekend.

it has consisted of:
friday night-Gabby's performance @ 7-9,
then taco bell right after*
then aj's house til 12

saturday-went shopping @ newpark 12-2
ate @ cousin cafe @ 2
chilled at the house/played geetar
went to michaels @ 7
left for grad party @ 7:30ish
party and after party til midnight
ul for like ten minutes after that.

and then i crashed. bwhuaha. im just too young for it! i was soooo sleeepy tho. i still am.

*okay so after gabby's show we went to taco bell. while we were waiting for our food this lady comes in with a nightgown on and she keeps saying "joe, joe? joeeeee...." in a realllly creepy way. everyone in the taco bell was looking at her like she was crazy. then she walked out and went to her car. but then she just sat in her car with the dooor open! and then we all concluded that she was sleepdriving. everyone was FREAKED out. i was scareddddd. like beyond scared. and there ya have it. my crazy weekend. well hopefully i get to blog more in the weeks to come. ttfn.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

"Someone's a nerd magnet!"

so today i finally got some time to blog again. lets see, today i:

1. woke up
2. took a shower
3. learned 3 new songs
4. posted a new video up
5. went to borders
*6. got hit on by 5 nerds @ borders
7. bought starbucks
8. went to old navy

*that was so frickin random though HAHA. they just walked up to me and started talking and then one asked me for my number. i was speechless for a while hahaha. then i faked a phone call to get out of talking to them. i know its a tad shallow but really. they tried talking about star trek with me.

and that was how my day went all wrapped in a nutshell,

au revoir,

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

grossed out to the max

she likes to pick her nose. gross right? whats even more gross is that shes in my bed and unashamed about it.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

first post,

sunday afternoon. well, i have nothing better to do then sit on the couch, play guitar, and pig out. which is exactly what ive been doing all of today. for some reason i just dont feel like doing anything this weekend besides eat, sleep, drink, and play the guitar. yesterday i woke up at 4PM. not AM. im in a weird trance right now and im not sure how long its going to last. its like im not really in my own body right now. so i apologize in advance for my strange behavior.

au revoir?