Sunday, May 17, 2009

Winter, spring, summer, or fall. All you have to do is call.

wow i haven't blogged in over a month! geeeeez. craziness. well actually its mostly just laziness. but anyway, its the month of may! my bday month! yaaaaay! ive been feeeling so under the weather this month tho:/ its not even coooool. i am so excited for summmmer! its almost here. hmm well my weekend has beeen pretty goood tho. parties every night since friday. dang. im tired from it all. ive been out til midnight and its gettin to me. i slept for a long time today and im still in my pajamas. i kinda feeel like taking a nap right now. UGH but its soooo sooooo HOT. im burning up right now! its ridiculous. okay well back to my weekend.

it has consisted of:
friday night-Gabby's performance @ 7-9,
then taco bell right after*
then aj's house til 12

saturday-went shopping @ newpark 12-2
ate @ cousin cafe @ 2
chilled at the house/played geetar
went to michaels @ 7
left for grad party @ 7:30ish
party and after party til midnight
ul for like ten minutes after that.

and then i crashed. bwhuaha. im just too young for it! i was soooo sleeepy tho. i still am.

*okay so after gabby's show we went to taco bell. while we were waiting for our food this lady comes in with a nightgown on and she keeps saying "joe, joe? joeeeee...." in a realllly creepy way. everyone in the taco bell was looking at her like she was crazy. then she walked out and went to her car. but then she just sat in her car with the dooor open! and then we all concluded that she was sleepdriving. everyone was FREAKED out. i was scareddddd. like beyond scared. and there ya have it. my crazy weekend. well hopefully i get to blog more in the weeks to come. ttfn.


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