Saturday, June 6, 2009

back from never ending homework and countless projects

haven't updated in VERY long. sorrry about that. well my birthday was exactly one week ago. i got a beautiful guitar! i still dont have a name for her tho. taking some time. well this week has beeeen really weird. we dont have to dress for PE anymore which really means the year is almost over. we got our wearbooks too. NOT HAPPY BOUT THEM AT ALL. they suck ass. but friday was ridiculously bomb! our 8th grade class went to raging waters, HELLLLLLLLLA FRICKIN FUN. had a gooooood day with my girls and my guys. even got a little tanning in with bryant! haha. i now have a tiny tanline! im getting thereeee. well only 4 more days until promotion. definitely not gonna let anything get me down now. its my time.

p.s. i hellllla fuckin hate biters. like daaaamn.

k i'm done now. haha.


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